14 February 2017. This is my online learning log for the distance learning course Understanding Painting Media (UPM) with the Open College of the Arts (OCA). UPM is my third and last level 1 course on the way to a BA(Hons) in Painting.

What a rollercoaster 2016 was for us! The new year starts quieter, more stable and we are finally beginning to see some light on the horizon for little son. So I decided to start my third OCA course, Painting 1 – Understanding Painting Media, while doing preparatory work for assessment in my previous course, Painting 1 – The Practice of Painting.

Choosing the next course caused me some sleepless nights, because the choice decides over the whole degree pathway. I was unsure whether to stay on the painting route or switch to drawing as the degreee option has become available now. After asking my Practice of Painting tutor for advice, I found two important reasons for staying on the painting pathway:

  • Since drawing feels more natural to me, it would be easier to shy away from coping with painting media and the challenges (and unforeseeable, exciting chances) they offer.
  • Experience gained in Pratice of Painting 1 tells me that I need to work hard at developing my skills in rigorous, extended and thoroughly documented experimentation to precede finalized paintings. While the drawing pathway is less prescriptive, Understanding Painting Media will give me ample opportunity to practice the above.

Looking forward to hopefully see myself develop further, can’t wait to get started!