Understanding Painting Media – introductory talk

9 March 2017. After some difficulties with computers I had my first hangouts talk with my UPM tutor. She is full of infectious energy and made me feel at home with my new course within the first instances.
UPM is relatively new, designed as a follow-up to Practice of Painting and dedicated to experimenting to the full. Foremost I am advised to make thorough and well-considered use of my sketchbooks. Since this has always been my weak point and no sign of having mastered the skill yet, what I will probably need to do is make my own step-by-step template for tackling exercises and then try and follow it as precisely as possible. I know that otherwise I will be straight back in my old bad habit of nose-diving into a project with poor planning of goals and routes. There will be ample opportunity here, starting with the very first exercise. Hopefully I find myself be able to muster the necessary discipline …

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