Artist research: Tacita Dean

20 July 2017. I had planned to plunge directly into the next exercise, but a sense of foreboding kept me from doing that. There was an uncomfortable feeling of not yet having done some of the research suggested by my tutor and of, just maybe, missing the essential bit of emotion to start the exercise in the right mood.

Tacita Dean (*1965, UK) was one of the first artists I was made aware of by my Drawing 1 tutor and at the same time one of those who I felt instantly akin with, not always with their artistic output, but the feel of the world they transport. While Tacita Dean primarily works as a highly original film-maker (Frith Street Gallery, n.d.), she also produces wonderful giant black and white landscape drawings and etchings. Most famous among these are “Fatigues”, a series of connected chalk drawings on black boards made in 2012 over the period of a few weeks in Germany (Art Observed, 2013). For my own work I have always loved the power of black and white, hence also my interest in shadows, but as for now I can find no additional inspiration for my ongoing work. This may of course change any instant so I decided to remain vigilant. Maybe Dean creeps into the work I do unnoticed.


Frith Street Gallery (n.d.) Bio. Tacita Dean. Frith Street Gallery, London. Available from: [Accessed 20 July 2017]
Observed (2013)

Schwartz, J. (2013) New York – Tacita Dean: “Fatigues” at Marian Goodman Gallery Through March 9, 2013. Art Observed, New York, 3 March. Available from: [Accessed 20 July 2017]


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